Hayley was first introduced to clothes at her seamstress mother’s knee. Seeing and watching clothes come together from scratch showed her what was possible and unbeknownst to her at the time, became the bedrock for the future. Her creative desire took her to Art school and a Fine Art degree, exploring space, shape and form in various media.

Later she created Raggedy, mixing her passion to dress differently with her beliefs in reusing societies cast offs. She started to design garments that could be enjoyed as art pieces as well as being worn with pride.

Raggedy’s clothes are made intuitively, sculpted together from a combination of stitch work, patchwork, ruffles, sculptural shapes and plenty of layers, they are often off centered and deliberately asymmetrical.

Confidence and self-expression are important to her and she likes to question where the freedom for our unique individuality has gone. She wants her clothes to help woman wear what they truly desire without fear of judgment and just ‘Feel good about feeling good’.

After a number of local shows, charity events and showcases, Hayley was selected for Alternative Fashion Week 2009 and everything kicked up a gear.

She wanted to push her boundaries and her creativity and so after much experimentation came up with ‘Scribble Stitch’, a distinctive design creating fabric from scratch and giving it a unique feel and form allowing her to create ever more weird and wonderful pieces.

The collection was very well received and led it to become her signature style for her bespoke one off pieces.

She has since expanded her little empire and employed help to keep up with demand, stocks many independent boutiques in England and Wales as well as continuing to take on high end commissions for clients. She has recently moved to a beautiful studio space in Frome, and is having continued success at Art Exhibitions showing off her work and creating art installations.

Raggedy is about inspiring people to explore new and different ways of celebrating art and fashion while supporting our fragile environment. Her clients are fun, creative and individual, which still now continues to be sewn into the very fibre of Raggedy’s heart.

...dress like nobody’s judging.